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当代艺术展区 A3 A4 I Pashmin Art Gallery

艺术北京 艺术北京 今天


Pashmin Art Gallery


After years exhibiting at Art Beijing, in our view, if we want to describe Art Beijing in two words, it is “highly organized”, much more organized than American art fairs. They remind you often of the deadlines, the catalogue is very nice, and there are many visitors.

This is the result of the team-work behind the art fair.

A review film of previous editions on the website will make it more interesting for new galleries. A review-film during and one after the 2021 art fair are most welcome.



1990年,Nour Nouri先生创立了Pashmin Art,开始通过展出当代艺术家作品涉足艺术市场,并自此扩展其工作范围。Pashmin Art画廊起初与德国艺术家合作,后来展览的艺术家逐渐扩大到了其他国家。

Pashmin Art 的工作并不限于 Pashmin Art画廊及其分馆内或办事处展出的世界各地著名艺术家的作品,它还为艺术管理提供长期的规划、 为大公司的艺术装饰提供高品质参考和建议、为艺术市场上的新兴艺术家提供援助、参与国际艺术博览会以及在世界艺术之都的各个博物馆举办的展会、 在国际拍卖行参与艺术作品的交易、组织并实施慈善艺术项目、为个人艺术家出版资料充足的艺术书籍、与著名的艺术评论家、作家以及几乎所有的盛大艺术活动合作。

Pashmin Art认为其在扩展以艺术为中心的活动时,不应该存在地域限制。

Pashmin Art founded by Nour Nouri in 1990, began its activities in art market with exhibiting contemporary artists and has expanded its work ever since. The gallery started with German artists and continually has expanded it artists from different countries.

Pashmin Art range of activities is not restricted to exhibiting art works by prominent artists around the world in Pashmin Art Gallery and its branches in Beijing and Shanghai, but offering long-term plans for art management, giving recommendations and suggestions to huge companies for decorating their spaces with high-quality art, offering assistance to emerging artists in art market, participating in international art fairs and museums in art capitals of the world, selling and buying art works in international auction houses, organizing and realizing philanthropic art projects, publishing well-documented art books, catalogues, cooperating with well-established art critics and writers, and practically any grand activity related to art.

Pashmin Art Gallery knows no geographical borders for expanding its art-centered activities.


Artists at Art Beijing 2021

TANG CHENGHUA(唐承华),LI GENG(李庚),Zhang Dawo (张大我),Wang Shaojun (王少军), Beate Axmann, Peter Backhaus, Katrín Snæhólm Baldursdóttir,  Mikael Jensen, Goran Kneževic, Heike Pohl, Sponk (Dan Geffert), Jan Vorpahl.

艺术家 I 唐承华

边界 No.19-15 Border No.19-15 I 布面 丙烯颜料 Fabric propylene I 130x100cm I 2019

艺术家 I 李庚

马勒交响曲系列 Mallor symphonies I 水墨 Water Ink I 69x69cm I 2018

艺术家 I 張大我
Zhang Dawo

生命玄线 049 Live Archeline 049 I 纸本水墨 Chinese ink on Xuan Paper I 401x160cm I 2013

艺术家 I 王少軍
Wang Shaojun

嗯 Hmmm I 树脂手绘 Fiberglass I 20x20x70cm I 2018

艺术家 I Beate Axmann 贝亚特·阿克斯曼
Germany 德国

Visual crazy abstract III I Acrylic on Canvas I 120x150cm I 2017

艺术家 I Peter Backhaus 彼得·贝克豪斯
Sweden 瑞典

Reflection I oil on canvas I 100x83cm I 2019

艺术家 I Katrín Snæhólm Baldursdóttir
Iceland 冰岛

The fairy tale woman I mixed media on paper I 37x26cm I 2018

艺术家 I Mikael Jensen 迈克·延森
Denmark 丹麦

The deeper relationship I Ink, acrylic and gouache on canvas I 30x40cm I 2020

艺术家 I Goran Knežević
Croatia 克罗地亚

Confucius I Steel, Freehand Cut, Coppered and Burnished I 106x180cm I 2019

艺术家 I Heike Pohl 海克·波尔
Germany 德国

Intertwined I Crystal Structures Series Glass fusion I 21x20x5.5cm I 2016

艺术家 I SPONK (Dan Geffert)
Germany 德国

Journey Part 1 I Experimental painting, photography I 180x102cm I 2019

艺术家 I Jan Vorpahl 扬·沃帕
Germany 德国

Central-Part 008 I Acrylic on Canvas I 120x120cm I 2018

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2021年4月30日  15:00-22:00



2021年5月1日 11:00-19:00

2021年5月2日 11:00-19:00

2021年5月3日 11:00-18:00